Titan Enersave was conceived in 2013 as an operating division of Amir Financial Consultants Inc. The original game plan was to develop a limited series of LED products for the Canadian signage sector and cater exclusively to major sign distributors with extensive national coverage. It soon became apparent that the field was becoming overcrowded and inundated with low cost foreign suppliers selling directly to our customers. Time to move on.

We decided to refocus our attention on the burgeoning residential and commercial building sectors in British Columbia which, we determined, had one of the lowest penetration rates for energy efficient lighting in the country. We guesstimated that the majority of such buildings in British Columbia were using inefficient and outdated lighting fixtures due primarily to (a) complacency (b) Poor knowledge of financial incentives available from BC Hydro (c) lack of motivation or sense of urgency to switch over to energy efficient lighting. The turning point came when BC Hydro announced a 24% hike over five years beginning in 2014. This began to severely impact the operating budgets of most strata corporations and put significant upward pressure on the strata owners. In order to cover energy cost overruns many stratas were forced to raise strata fees or enforce special assessments in order to balance their budgets. Suddenly, council members and property managers become much more receptive to energy audits and lighting upgrading retrofit proposals as an opportunity to slash energy and maintenance costs.

Titan Enersave’s foray into the lighting retrofit business in 2015 was perfectly timed. Within weeks we started to receive requests for our COMPLEMENTARY energy audits and lighting upgrade proposals from Property Managers all across the Greater Vancouver Area. We acted fast to create teams of experts from different disciplines to provide our clients with the best energy cost saving solutions that money could buy. For each proposal we designated experienced team members drawn from the following disciplines:

– Electrical contractor
– Lighting distributor
– BC Hydro energy advisor
– Lease financing advisor
– Financial consultant

Every single one of these experts is required to sign off before the release of any proposal. This will, in the long run, lend credibility, consistency and reliability to all future energy audit and lighting upgrade proposals from Titan Enersave.